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“I’m Brit Hume, and I go by ‘He’, ‘Him’ and ‘His’.”

That's how the host of On The Record responded to Vanderbilt University’s Faculty Gender Inclusivity Task Force’s decision to disseminate a poster entitled “What Should I Call You”.

The poster instructs that “when introducing yourself offer your name and pronouns, even to familiar colleagues and students.”

Hume said the Nashville, Tenn., school also gave faculty nametags that display their name, role and their “preferred pronouns.”

The college said the move was “not formal university policy, but an effort to create a welcome and inclusive campus.”

A little farther down I-24, at the University of the South, faculty told students not to distribute 9/11 remembrance posters showing the aftermath of the terrorist attacks because they might “invoke hate toward Muslims.”

The Sewanee, Tenn. school’s College Republican organization was suspended—until the university found out they weren’t the group responsible.

“[The university] will not promote content that will make members of our community unsafe,” the school said.

Watch the full clip above to find out more Campus Craziness from this week-- including a conservative college student in New York City who felt they might be “physically assaulted” for voicing conservative opinions on campus, and why a Philadelphia-area university newspaper decided to retract an opinion piece critical of the school’s admissions practices.

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