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14 Medal of Honor recipients publicly backed Donald Trump’s presidential bid this week, just days after Trump received the endorsement of 88 retired military figures.

U.S. Army Major General Patrick Henry Brady (Ret.), who received the Medal of Honor for his heroic service during the Vietnam War, appeared on "Fox and Friends" this morning to explain why he's backing Trump

"This man has throughout his entire life exhibited extraordinary leadership abilities," Brady said.

He added that he's also been impressed by the Republican nominee's focus on the U.S. military and taking care of veterans.

"Our security is tied to our military readiness, which is in shambles," Brady said. "And this man has vowed to renew, invigorate our readiness and help secure America as it should be secured."

He said that military people understand leadership, and that's why he was proud to put his name alongside 13 of his fellow Medal of Honor recipients.

The list of endorsements includes:

World War II

Woody Williams, Chief Warrant Officer-4 USMC, Retired


Bob Simanek, Private First Class USMC, Retired


Bennie Adkins, Command Sergeant Major US Army, Retired

Pat Brady, Major General US Army, Retired

Sammy Davis, Sergeant First Class US Army, Retired

Hal Fritz, Colonel US Army, Retired

Michael Fitzmaurice, US Army, Retired

Robert Ingram, Petty Officer USN, Retired

Jim Livingston, Major General USMC, Retired

Bob Patterson, Command Sergeant Major US Army, Retired

Mike Thornton, Lieutenant USN, Retired

Leo Thorsness, Colonel USAF, Retired

Jay Vargas, Colonel USMC, Retired

Global War on Terror (Afghanistan)

Leroy Petry, Master Sergeant US Army, Retired

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