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Just when you thought they had deep-fried everything -- an American chef discovered a way to successfully fry water.

Jonathan Marcus encased the water in a sphere using a technique from molecular gastronomy called "frozen reverse spherification." The sphere is held together in a gelatinous membrane made of calcium alginate.

Marcus then rolled the water ball in a flour, egg and panko coating and fried it in peanut oil at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Video uploaded by Marcus showed the frying process. The fried water ball emerges in tact, looking like a tater tot.

Marcus isn't too thrilled by the taste, describing it as "the blandest fried thing I've ever tasted" -- but that's besides the point.

A warning in the video description advises people not to do the experiment without proper safety precautions, saying that if the sphere leaks while frying, it could explode and send scalding oil everywhere.

"Do not consume until cooled down or you may get burned. Also they don't taste particularly good."

We don't see this becoming a hit at county fairs and boardwalks anytime soon.

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