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Tonight on Hannity, Donald Trump reacted to Hillary Clinton's comment that half of his supporters would belong in a "basket of deplorables."

Trump said that when he first heard Clinton make the comment, he couldn't believe it.

"I tell you what, I heard the whole thing and I said, 'I don’t believe it.' And then I said, 'Run it back, let me hear it.' I thought it was so terrible a statement to make. And I called up some people and I said, 'Did she really say that? Is it as bad as I think?' And they said, ‘No, Mr. Trump, it’s worse."

Trump said the comment drove everyone in the media wild.

"It's a horrible characterization, and even people who support her say 'Wow, what a mistake.' And you know that was her '47 percent' moment. I think it was far worse."

Trump went on to say he thought it was the "worst statement of the political season."

The candidate also said that he wished Clinton well in her recovery from pneumonia and that he planned to treat her with "great respect" at the first presidential debate.

"I will treat her with great respect, unless she treats me in a certain manner, in which case, that will be the end of that. I’m certainly starting off with the feeling that I am going to treat her with great respect. I hope we can talk about policy and talk about certain things. I am not looking to go in and treat her with disrespect."

Watch more from the wide-ranging interview, including the latest on his child-care plan and tax returns, above.

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