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After German authorities arrested three Syrian migrants suspected of being ISIS members, Lt. Col Ralph Peters [Ret.] discussed the fallout and the ongoing battle against Islamic extremism on the Intelligence Report.

“They’re taking advantage of Germany’s open borders—two days after [Berlin] warned there were 500 ISIS,” Trish Regan told Peters.

“There certainly could be…a whole lot more,” Peters said.

The three suspected terrorists were arrested in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, along the Danish border.

“Immigration can be a good thing. It’s like water running through the kitchen sink—but you don’t want a flood coming through the window,” he said.

“[Chancellor] Angela Merkel briefly opened up the borders [which was] a gift to ISIS and other Islamic groups…and [the terrorists] were able to blend in with the refugees, despite coming in through the Balkans.”

“[Americans] have every right and legitimate need to know who enters [our] country—it’s a no-brainer—the terrorists won’t give up.”

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