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Referencing San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s continued refusal to stand for the national anthem over perceived police brutality and other race-related issues, Bill O’Reilly offered his take on the ongoing controversy.

“Apparently these players believe this country is an unfair nation,” he said on The O'Reilly Factor.

He added he will be sending Kaepernick a copy of his new book, “Killing the Rising Sun”, to show how brave Americans fought for freedom and against oppression, in defeating Emperor Hirohito in Japan during World War II.

“I want Colin Kaepernick to read every single word of this book.”

“The bravery [of Americans] to free this world of Hitler and Hirohito was unheard of.”

O’Reilly also responded to Kaepernick’s postgame criticism of former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Trent Dilfer, now an ESPN commentator, who criticized his actions:

Dilfer said on Monday Night Countdown that he respects the protest, but not the fact that Kaepernick has put himself "above his team" and "disrupted" the 49ers organization.

Kaepernick responded to a reporter’s question after the game by calling Dilfer’s comments “ridiculous”

O’Reilly said, “No nation is perfect but American police very rarely shoot civilians. While there is social injustice, and blacks have suffered in this country, most Americans deplore bias and we have seen tremendous improvement in that area.”

“To overhype the few police shootings that do occur and to create hostility toward your own country should be put in a ‘basket of deplorables’,” he said, a nod to Hillary Clinton’s recent remarks about ‘half’ of Donald Trump supporters.

Watch the full commentary above.

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