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Tuesday On The Record, host Brit Hume talked to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich about the growing division in the conservative wing of the Republican Party between the so-called “old guard”, as Gingrich characterized, and the “alt-right” or Trumpian movement.

Hume pointed to two well-known conservative voices, Fox News’ Sean Hannity and National Review magazine’s Jonah Goldberg, who have recently engaged in debate over their staunch advocacy for and against presidential nominee Donald Trump.

He asked Gingrich if he thought the two ideological sides would come together after the election, especially if Trump were to lose.

“Probably not,” Gingrich said, “[The Trump movement] is a genuine evolution to a new set of principles…a new set of issues—America first.”

“Some intellectuals used to sitting around drinking sherry” likely won’t warm up to Trump, he said.

Gingrich compared Trump’s brand of conservatism to that of Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher in the United Kingdom.

It’s a “permanent upsurge against Washington government,” Gingrich said, “Frankly some of these [GOP establishment guys] think the ‘Deplorables’ are real” as Hillary Clinton does.

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