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In an exclusive interview on The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly asked Ivanka Trump what she thought of comments and "rough and tumble campaign tactics" that have led to her father's polling problems with female voters.

"I've always wondered how you reacted to that, you know, like the re-tweet of Heidi Cruz next to Melania," Kelly said.

Trump explained that her father could be "an equal opportunity offender."

"If somebody says something against him he will speak his mind. And he treats women equal to how he treats men. He's said plenty of rough things about men over the years, and I discourage him from doing that as I discourage him from doing that with women."

But Trump said that the fact that her father treats women without "kid gloves" shows that he recognizes women are "equipped to handle it and are able to do so."

"So, in a certain way there's no bias in his viewpoint. He views all people equally, men or women, it doesn't matter, and he treats them accordingly."

She added: "He's very authentic, and he'll tell anyone, man or woman, what he's thinking and how he feels."

Watch the full wide-ranging interview above.

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