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Charles Krauthammer criticized Donald Trump's proposal for new childcare subsidies, saying the Republican candidate was trying to "out-Democrat the Democrats."

The proposed subsidies would include tax deductions, rebates for lower-income households and new tax-preferred savings accounts, as well as a new promise of paid maternity leave for workers who don't now have it.

"I think this raises the question of how many Democratic parties does the country need," Krauthammer said.

Krauthammer said he thought the argument for Trump was that he would stand up to the "Washington Republican sold-out establishment" on higher spending. 

"What he is proposing is to out-Democrat the Democrats. This is an enormous new entitlement. It will blow the debt."

Krauthammer also questioned the idea of Trump imposing a new mandate on private industry and paying for it by removing "waste, fraud and abuse" from the employment insurance system.

"If you believe that, you will believe anything."

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