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Ann Coulter said jokingly that she worships Donald Trump and "would die" for him.

“I worship him like the North Koreans worship the ‘Dear Leader’ -- yes, I would die for him,” she told Glenn Thrush in his weekly "Off Message" podcast for Politico.

The irreverent conservative author said that "much like Trump" she's not bothered by insults hurled her way, as during Comedy Central's roast of Rob Lowe.

"I didn’t get the gene that makes me care about what other people think. I’m much like Trump that way. I don’t really care. They’re just words."

In the interview spanning more than an hour, Coulter also talked about how she corresponded with Trump's campaign last year and advised the candidate not to "back down" on immigration.

"Then he came out for the Muslim ban on my birthday, Dec. 8, my best birthday gift ever. I finally emailed [former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski] and said, ‘OK, I think he's not backing down.’”

Listen to it in full below.

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