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Krauthammer on Hillary's Pneumonia: The Cover-Up Was Worse Than the Crime

Bill O'Reilly said that while Hillary Clinton's pneumonia diagnosis -- and faltering at a 9/11 memorial -- has captivated the country, her "basket of deplorables" comment is the bigger story.

O'Reilly said in tonight's Talking Points that for Clinton to talk about half of Trump's supporters that way is "lunacy that smears millions and millions of Americans."

O'Reilly said that Clinton made a "big mistake," reminiscent of Mitt Romney's "47 percent" remarks.

"Every fair-minded person knows you cannot generalize about what is in peoples' hearts."

He said that what Clinton's comments "really do is mobilize those who were thinking about voting for Donald Trump, not his hardcore supporters."

"I mean, come on -- branding people racist is despicable, unless there is undeniable proof of that charge."

He said that he was surprised when he heard the line, because she is a "measured speaker" and the line had been written for her.

"Somebody should have known that it would give Donald Trump a major advantage. But again, campaigns are very strange things."

Watch the memo above.

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