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In tonight's monologue, Greg Gutfeld weighed in on Hillary Clinton's divisive "basket of deplorables" remark, saying Clinton insulted millions of people.

Gutfeld said the comment wasn't a gaffe by Clinton, but her platform's plank.

"Now, there are deplorables in every party, but Hillary exaggerated Trump's to smear all of his supporters, or at least half."

Gutfeld says it's an "odd strategy" for a candidate accusing their opponent of divisiveness.

"But let's face it, the media and the Democrats care more about some deplorables than others. Hate and paranoia exist in some places on the right, but these are the things the left have offered for years."

Gutfeld also touched on the desecration of a 9/11 memorial at Occidental College over the weekend, in which 2,997 American flags were ripped from the ground.

"Whose 'deplorables' did that?" he asked.

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