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A Florida father is facing charges in the death of his 23-month-old son, who was left in a pickup truck in the family's driveway for eight hours.

Troy Whitaker, 41, was charged with aggravated manslaughter by authorities in Palm Harbor, FOX 13 reported.

The Pinellas County sheriff says Whitaker left the house Friday morning to bring his five-year-old daughter to school and the younger boy to daycare. 

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri explained that Whitaker dropped the girl off at Ozona Elementary School, but then went home without bringing two-year-old Lawson to the daycare center.

Whitaker, a local firefighter, then apparently went home, where he studied for a promotional test for the fire department where he works.

It wasn't until around 3:30pm local time, when Whitaker returned home from a trip to the grocery store, that he realized Lawson was still in his car seat. 

The boy's car seat was behind the driver's seat. 

Gualtieri said Whitaker frantically performed CPR, but the toddler could not be revived. His body temperature was 108 degrees when emergency responders arrived.

Police do not believe drugs or alcohol was a factor.

Watch the local FOX report above.

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