Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Democratic House Caucus Chairman Xavier Becerra discussed the presidential election on Fox News Sunday.

Regarding Hillary Clinton calling half of Donald Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables”, Becerra noted Clinton had offered an apology clarifying that she was being “generalistic”.

“There are some people [that reportedly support Trump] who are deplorable: white supremacists, the [former KKK leader] David Dukes of the world,” he said. “He is deplorable.”

Gingrich disagreed: “Hillary’s beginning to fall apart,” he told Chris Wallace, “she comes out of a terrible National Security Forum [last week]—the Left had to attack [moderator] Matt Lauer because they couldn’t believe Hillary did that badly,” he said.

“Then she says ISIS is praying for Trump to win,” Gingrich said, “Romney got hammered for [talking about the] 47 percent who are dependent on government.”

“Let’s get Sheriff [David] Clarke, an African-American sheriff in Milwaukee—he can debate her on racism.”

“They need to yell racist…If they can’t smear Trump, they are going to lose,” Gingrich said of Clinton surrogates.

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