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Discussing how the two major presidential candidates ended their week this week, Dana Perino said that at this point in the race, “No one can land a knockout punch.”

“Trump can win this race if he plays his cards right,” she said On The Record with Brit Hume.

But, the Five host said she was concerned that every time Democrat Hillary Clinton has a “bad” week in the media, “almost every single time, Donald Trump ends up rescuing her,” this time referring to the New York mogul’s interview with Larry King, now a RT television host.

RT is a Russian-affiliated news network.

“Why did Trump have to do a podcast with Larry King? What votes are you actually going to solidify,” she asked.

Suggesting that Trump would be better suited to follow the more traditional campaign tact of contacting leaders of key voter groups, and discussing with them the reasons they should support his campaign, Perino said that the candidate would “rather…eat dessert, which are those fun media interviews.”

Watch Dana’s full analysis above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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