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Friday On The Record, host Brit Hume introduced a new regular segment dedicated to reporting on controversies on the nation’s college campuses.

At Brown University in Providence, R.I, Hume said tampons are now being dispensed in men’s restrooms. The initiative was led by the president of undergraduate students.

The administrator said he hopes the move will produce “a tone of trans-inclusivity” on campus.

On the opposite coast, YAF released a video showing a professor at Saddleback College in southern California tearing down posters memorializing the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Students needed to get approval to hang the graphic “never forget” posters, the professor said.

And, at UCLA, the president of the graduate student association stepped down after claiming the group “Students for Justice in Palestine” harassed him for refusing to use school funds for a “diversity caucus” that was to call for boycott of the nation of Israel.

Bill O’Reilly joined Hume to discuss the controversies:

“If you don’t toe the progressive/politically-correct line, [they’re] going to punish you…it’s exactly what they did in German universities [in the World War II era],” he said

Hear the rest of Bill’s discussion with Brit in the clip above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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