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Students at a Texas High School took measures into their own hands after a painting of the Ten Commandments, along with a verse of Scripture, exhibited in a common area of their school were covered up.

Fox Carolina reported that after O’Donnell Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Cathy Amonett received a letter citing an anonymous complaint about the exhibit, she ordered it be covered up.

The letter, from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, said the organization had received a complaint about the Christian texts being displayed on the walls of O’Donnell High School.

After Amonett covered the Commandments with dark paper, students quickly tore down the obstruction.

Amonett then covered it up with an American flag.

However, she did not seem too upset that her students were taking a stand:

“I’m proud of my kids. I think they have shown the kind of people they are. They believe in the Ten Commandments and they want to stand up for it,” she said.

Junior Abby Franklin also credited Amonett with communicating with them throughout the ordeal.

“She’s been very calm and loving…The first thing she said is: ‘I know you’re all frustrated. I’m just as frustrated as you are,” she said.

Amonett said she covered up the Commandments to avoid any potential lawsuit.

In the meantime, students have posted dozens of ‘sticky notes’ with Bible verses on them throughout the school.

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