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An elderly man was shot and robbed while watering his lawn in a Chicago neighborhood and the heinous crime was caught on surveillance video. 

The broad-daylight shooting of Frederico Laguardia was captured by a neighbor's home surveillance camera (footage above) in the Marquette Park neighborhood Tuesday.

Laguardia, 71, was watering his lawn when two male suspects on bikes arrived and demanded money. When he refused, he was shot in the abdomen and his wallet was taken. 

"It's just absolutely ridiculous, you're not even safe in your own yard," said a neighbor, Teryeyah Griggs.

Laguardia underwent surgey for his wound and is in fair condition, ABC Chicago reported

A community activist said yesterday there is a $1,000 reward being offered for information on the suspects. 

The activist, Dr. Donovan Price, believes the perpetrators may have been neighborhood kids, since they were riding bikes, and hopes someone will recognize them on the tape. 

The Outnumbered panel discussed the continuing violence in the city, where nearly 500 murders have occurred this year.

Harris Faulkner wondered when the out-of-control violence in Chicago is going to be viewed as a "national crisis."

"You could almost say this is as much a state of emergency as the storm that just came up the East coast, Hermine," she argued.

Melissa Francis said the brazenness of the suspects, committing the crime at 11am and using bicycles to flee, speaks to a "lawlessness" in the city and a lack of fear of consequences.

Watch the discussion below. 

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