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Donald Trump's supporters took to Twitter today to call for a boycott of Starbucks after CEO Howard Schultz endorsed Hillary Clinton.

"Hopefully Hillary Clinton will be elected president," Schultz told CNN on Wednesday, calling her the "obvious" choice.

"On the other side, we've seen such vitriolic display of bigotry and hate and divisiveness, and that is not the leadership we need for the future of the country," he added.

It comes after Starbucks launched a series of original digital videos, called "UpStanders," to "inspire Americans to engage in acts of compassion, citizenship and civility."

A year ago, Starbucks was widely panned for the "Race Together" campaign, in which the company encouraged customers to talk to baristas about race relations. 

Watch the Outnumbered discussion above.

Meantime, here's just some of the angry responses from Trump supporters after learning about the endorsement of Clinton. 

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