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During an interview with an Israeli news agency, Hillary Clinton said that ISIS terrorists are "praying" that Donald Trump becomes president of the United States.

On "Hannity" tonight, Dr. Sebastian Gorka argued that it's actually quite the opposite.

"The presidency of Barack Obama - and Hillary Clinton - was a godsend to ISIS, literally," Gorka said. "When he came into office, there was no such thing as ISIS. There was Al Qaeda in Iraq, which was a dysfunctional franchise branch of Al Qaeda.  When we pulled our troops out, when we declared victory by withdrawing, that’s when the story of ISIS began."

Gorka added that Obama's infamous "red line" in Syria and Clinton's support for the toppling Muammar Gaddafi in Libya as other "disastrous" policies that have destabilized the Middle East and given ISIS room to grow.

"There has never been a modern jihadi organization as powerful as ISIS," Gorka said. 

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