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A recent CNN poll found a massive trustworthiness gap between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Although neither presidential candidate fared particularly well, Trump led Clinton 50 percent to 35 percent.

On "On The Record With Brit Hume," Heidi Przybyla said this is a problem for Clinton, because it will be difficult for her to shift those trustworthiness number by Election Day.

Przybyla said that the Democratic nominee might have an better chance at improving her likability number, but that will be difficult to to while she's "going on the attack" against Trump.

Daniel Halper noted that Clinton also has a much more substantial track record than Trump, which can be criticized and picked apart.

"Donald Trump is a little bit more of an unknown, and I do think that gives him a leg up," Halper said. "She has a lot to lose moving forward. Her trust numbers are a lot more firm."

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