Hillary Clinton answered questions from reporters this morning, marking her first news conference in 277 days. 

Clinton, however, was not asked any questions about the recent developments concerning the FBI investigation into her private email server or about the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton had been heavily criticized for not holding any formal press conferences in recent months, with Donald Trump holding 17 such events this year.

Speaking from a tarmac this morning in White Plains, New York, Clinton took six questions over a 15-minute period.

One reporter asked Clinton about criticism from the RNC that she did not "smile enough" during last night's Commander in Chief forum. 

"Do you think you're treated differently in this race because you're a woman?" the female reporter asked.

Clinton said it's an issue that journalists and historians can "ponder" for years to come, but that she prefers to focus on the serious issues discussed last night, like ISIS and caring for veterans. 

She hit Trump for talking about his "deep admiration" for Vladimir Putin and for "trash-talking" American military generals by saying they've been "reduced to rubble" under President Obama.

Clinton was also asked about her pledge not to send U.S. ground troops to battle ISIS, with the reporter noting that U.S. special forces are already in Iraq.

Watch the clip above.

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