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Following the NBC Commander-in-Chief Forum, moderator Matt Lauer has been taking criticism for his performance.

Many have called out Lauer for taking it easy on Donald Trump and hammering Hillary Clinton, pointing specifically to his pointed questions about her email scandal.

On "The Kelly File" tonight, Howard Kurtz and Bill Burton joined Megyn Kelly to react to the forum and the criticism of Lauer.

"You can't win in this election," Megyn said. "You can't win, especially with, all due respect to our brethren, the left-wing press, because they want to see you kill Trump. And if you try and throw too much shade at Hillary, then they want to kill you."

Kurtz agreed, saying that moderators are "big, fat targets these days."

Burton, on the other hand, said that Lauer should have been called out for interrupting Clinton and pressing her harder than he did Trump.

"It was uneven," Burton said. "The performance lacked what I think the American people needed to make a fair assessment of who would be a better commander-in-chief."

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