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Judge Andrew Napolitano reacted to Hillary Clinton's latest defense of her handling of classified information during the Commander-in-Chief Forum last night.

Napolitano said Clinton's explanation that there were no "Classified" headers on emails she sent or received while secretary of state was "profoundly disingenuous and highly misleading."

Napolitano said there were some emails that were marked "top secret" and that were marked "SAP" (Select Access Privilege), which the judge says is the highest category of secrecy and requires a special code to access. Moreover, he said, Clinton received on her first day on the job a two-and-a-half hour tutorial from FBI agents that concluded with her signing an oath to uphold her legal obligation to recognize and preserve state secrets on materials, "whether it has a header on it or not."

Steve Doocy mentioned a June 2011 email exchange in which Clinton instructed her deputy chief of staff to remove the header from a set of talking points and send it through a nonsecured channel.

"That shows a willingness to expose national security secrets to a nonsecure venue," Napolitano said. "That shows intent. And again, espionage -- the failure to secure state secrets -- is a crime that doesn't require the government to show intent."

He added: "Isn't it fair to conclude with all the different justifications and explanations she's given, with all the FBI found, that she was reckless in her concern for whether or not she was securing state secrets? And that's the standard for proving guilt -- recklessness."

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