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In his monologue today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to last night's Commander-in-Chief Forum, which focused on national security.

He said that Hillary Clinton got "raked over the coals" for her record, while Donald Trump has no record to be raked over for.

"Hillary's email trail stuck to her like toilet paper on a shoe," Gutfeld remarked.

He said that the Democratic nominee had missteps during the forum on everything from her email scandal to her ISIS strategy to the VA.

"Now, Trump didn't escape unscathed, but he's running not against Hillary, but himself," Gutfeld said.

He noted that Trump contradicted previous statements he made about Iraq and Libya, and he raised eyebrows with his "praise" of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

See more reaction to the forum from Gutfeld and the other co-hosts of "The Five" above.

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