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The media was quick to pounce on Gary Johnson when the Libertarian presidential candidate appeared not to recognize the name of the Syrian city of Aleppo in a TV interview Thursday.

Some of that same media that slammed Johnson for not knowing more about Aleppo, however, failed to cover a major story there this week.

Benjamin Hall reported on "The Kelly File" tonight about a suspected chemical weapons attack that did not receive a mention on any of the major networks.

Hall said that Syrian government forces - loyal to President Bashar al-Assad - launched an apparent gas attack on an opposition-held neighborhood on Tuesday.

"Dozens were taken to an underground hospital with breathing problems, choking and coughing," Hall reported. "At least 70 people were treated, and a 13-year-old girl and a 29-year-old man later died from complications."

Hall said that the Syrian government denies using chemical weapons, which President Obama infamously said would constitute a "red line."

"I've been to Aleppo. I've spoken to people who were in Syrian gas attacks," Hall said. "They say they feel let down by Obama, that he promised action and none was taken."

"And today, President Assad continues to gas women and children."

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