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Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson spoke to Your World about his Aleppo gaffe on MSNBC this morning when discussing the Syrian civil war.

Asked on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” what he would do about Aleppo -- the major Syrian city that has been a stronghold for opposition forces and under siege by Bashar al-Assad’s government -- Johnson responded: “And what is Aleppo?”

Since then, #WhatIsAleppo has gone trending on social media and some have speculated that the incident would doom his campaign.

The former Republican governor of New Mexico told Cavuto he was "holding up alright" and would "try to make lemonade" out of the mistake and talk about the flawed policy in Syria.

"I was thinking 'acronym' when he said 'Aleppo'...guilty, no excuse whatsoever," Johnson said.

He said that if the mistake is "kissing my chances goodbye, so be it."

Johnson said that "we shouldn't be discussing the place Aleppo, what we should be talking about is the policy, which is so convoluted and it's the result of our foreign policy that starts with regime change."

Watch the full interview above.

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