Hillary Clinton offered up last night a new explanation about her use of a private email server when she was secretary of state. 

At NBC's Commander in Chief Forum, Clinton was asked by a Navy veteran how she can be trusted at this point with classified materials. 

She answered that classified material is designated with a header "so that there is no dispute at all."

Clinton said she communicated about classified material on a "wholly separate system" and took it "very seriously."

Martha MacCallum asked Bret Baier how this answer from Clinton "squares" with her previous statements about her emails. 

"It doesn't," he said, explaining that her answers and explanations on the subject have continually "evolved" going back to March of 2015.

He noted that Clinton initially said at the United Nations that there was "no classified material" in her emails. Then she later stated there was no material "marked" as classified. 

But FBI Director James Comey has since said that there were hundreds of emails containing classified material, including some marked with a "C."

Baier said Clinton may now be in the clear legally, but in terms of politics, it's very hard to explain why Blackberries were destroyed with hammers and why 11 other Blackberries and a laptop are missing. 

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