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A man was arrested by New Orleans police this week after he allegedly damaged property and yelled slurs at a witness and officers.

Raul Delatoba, 34, was booked Monday on charges of simple criminal damage to property, disturbing the peace and a felony-level hate crime, according to his arrest warrant.

The hate crime charge appears to be the first time Louisiana's "Blue Lives Matter" law has been used.

Act 184 - called the "Blue Lives Matter" bill - was passed in May by Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, just weeks before three officers were killed and three were injured in an ambush on a Baton Rouge highway.

Under the new measure, anyone convicted of a hate crime-related felony could face up to an additional $5,000 fine and five years behind bars.

For a misdemeanor, the punishment comes with a $500 fine and an additional six-month prison sentence.

According to arrest documents, Delatoba was intoxicated and banging on a window at a hotel on Bourbon Street in the early hours Monday morning.

When officers detained and took Delatoba into custody, he began to "verbally attack" them with vulgar sexist and racist slurs.

"The hate crime charge stems from Delatoba's attack on individuals based on their race, sex, and occupation," the warrant states.

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