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Trump: 'If We Would've Taken the Oil, You Wouldn't Have ISIS'

During tonight's Commander in Chief Forum, Donald Trump said that U.S. generals under the Obama Administration have been "reduced to rubble" and to a "point where it's embarrassing for our country."

Trump said that when it comes to defeating ISIS, he'd probably be listening to "different generals." 

Wounded Iraq veteran Staff Sgt. Robert Bartlett responded, saying that Trump is due for a "rude awakening on a lot of things that he's said."

"If we have more policies that get us in more wars, then we're going to have more issues. And you better listen to those subject-matter experts, because they know."

Bartlett praised Trump for being an expert in business, calling him "an amazing man who made a lot of money in this country."

"So I would ask him a business question. Let's ask the generals their questions."

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