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Surveillance video from a store in New Zealand captured the dramatic moment that a six-year-old girl tried to stop an stop axe-wielding robber.

Sarah Patel is seen on the CCTV footage - which has made headlines around the world in recent days - putting herself between one of the six intruders and a 19-year-old worker at her family's electronics shop.

The worker, Jordan Byrt, was on the floor behind a desk when the intruder approached and suddenly Sarah came running over. 

The man, holding an axe, appeared to be taken aback and did not try to harm the girl. 

Byrt said the intruders demanded to know where a safe was located and when he refused to tell them, he was kicked in the face. 

One of them grabbed a box of phones and they ran off, he said. 

Five 16-year-old males were later arrested in connection with the armed robbery, while a sixth was being sought. 

For her part, Sarah told the New Zealand Herald that she was just trying to "save someone," but ran away when she saw the axe.

Sarah said she didn't run out of the store because she wanted to make sure her grandpa was OK.

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