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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says Donald Trump's outreach to African-American voters will be effective because black communities have been devastated over the years by the policies of the Democratic Party.

Sheriff Clarke said that Trump is speaking to African-Americans like adults, refusing to pander like Hillary Clinton.

"It's very condescending," Sheriff Clarke said of the Democratic nominee.

He added that he also appreciates that Trump is calling for a "new civil rights agenda."

"The civil rights agenda of the 21st century for the Democrats has been to mainstream criminal behavior and more rights for criminals," Sheriff Clarke stated.

He explained that Trump, on the other hand, is advocating for better education, housing and job opportunities in black communities.

"The problem for the Democrats right now is that they can't look and extol the virtues of living in the ghetto, because that could kind of end this. But they can't say to black people, 'Look around, isn't this great?' That's the problem for them right now," Sheriff Clarke said. "They're going to have to spend a lot more resources on this than they anticipate going into the final 60 days."

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