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In tonight's Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly talked about the left's "strategy of hate" - the portrayal of Donald Trump as a bigot and hate inciter.

O'Reilly pointed to a column in The New York Times by Timothy Egan which mischaracterized Trump's speech in Phoenix last week. Egan said Trump "all but deported the Statue of Liberty, laying out one of the darkest visions of the American experience that any major-party nominee has given."

He said Egan's analysis was "unfair and inaccurate." He added that "demonization by the left" of anyone who disagrees with "their uber-liberal policies" will fail, and the fact is that Trump's Arizona speech helped him, as reflected in the polls.

"Americans are tired of far left media people accusing people of racism, bigotry and hate. That is a cheap tactic and it should be rejected by all fair-minded people."

O'Reilly said that some on the right are also guilty of demonizing Hillary Clinton, and that the facts about her record and positions should speak for themselves.

"It is not difficult to make a decision, about either candidate. We don't need despicable and hateful branding. We need clarity."

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