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Sean Hannity said that the real standout moment of the Commander-in-Chief Forum was when Hillary Clinton talked about the Iraq War being a "mistake."

"I think that the decision to go to war in Iraq was a mistake, and I have said that my voting to give President Bush that authority was from my perspective my mistake," Clinton told the audience of military members tonight.

She said that that we must learn what led us down the path to war so that it never happens again.

"She voted for the war," Hannity said. "She voted to pull out early. It created a vacuum for ISIS to emerge with the financial backing of the oil that they got out of Iraq. ...

"If you are the mother of one of up to 5,000 people that were killed, and here is the woman that wants to be president - 'Oh I made a mistake, but it's important that we learn from the mistake.'  You have a dead child, you have a child that lost their limbs, have been disfigured as a result of her decision. Wow. I can't believe that's not front and center."

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Clinton is "on the verge of losing two consecutive presidential races in part because of her vote on the war in Iraq."

"She lost the primary to Barack Obama in 2008, where he pounded her about the war in Iraq vote mercilessly, and now you’ve got Donald Trump being able to take a superior position to her on this."

Watch the clip along with more reaction above.

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