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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said that if Hillary Clinton is elected, the liberal media will have legitimized calling opposition leaders Russian agents.

Assange was explaining what he meant by calling Clinton a "demon" who will "put a noose around everyone's neck as soon as she wins the election."

He said that he was referring to the Clinton campaign linking Wikileaks' DNC email disclosure to Russian hackers.

"When The New York Times...a kind of standard-bearer of the liberal press, says that's an OK thing to do for a ruling party candidate, to come out and say the opposition leaders and the press are foreign agents in order to turn around a domestic scandal, that's a really serious problem."

Assange said he didn't know if a planned upcoming Wikileaks leak on Clinton would have a dramatic effect on the election.

"I do think that the material that we have that we're working on around the clock is significant and it's up to people to look at it and run with it.

"Now I’m sure Fox News will run with some of it, but in the DNC leak...we saw the resignation of five top DNC officials including the president, but did The New York Times run with it? No. Did MSNBC run with it? No. in fact MSNBC, Politico, NBC, were exposed as conspiring with the DNC to subvert Bernie Sanders’ campaign."

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