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The founder of underground information sharing group WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, told Sean Hannity that his organization has significant documentation that could be damaging to the Hillary Clinton campaign, and that WikiLeaks may release some “teasers” from the collection soon.

Assange said his group would likely be releasing “batches” of documents pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s campaign “reasonably soon—as early as next week.”

Assange criticized Clinton for saying she did not know that a bracketed [C] on a document meant it was classified information.

“It’s absolutely incredible for Clinton to lie… not knowing what that is,” Assange said on Hannity.

“Everyone in position of government knows it stands for Classified or Confidential. It’s disturbing that [FBI Director] James Comey goes along with that game.”

Assange also took aim at the Obama administration’s record of attempting to prosecute more journalists and their sources under the Espionage Act that all other presidencies combined, he attested.

“We [WikiLeaks] specialize in bringing the First Amendment to the world. We are surprised that one of our biggest battles is trying to bring it to the United States under an Obama administration.”

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