The Presidential Debate Commission has announced its lineup of moderators, and there hasn't been too much controversy about it.

Chris Stirewalt said the fact that Donald Trump quickly agreed to all three debates is a "testament to the balanced slate of options here," calling the moderators "fair-minded folks."

He said it's a sign that Trump is "trying hard to normalize."

"Normal candidates do normal debates. We have normal debates, we're having a more normal election than we were before, and this is a reflection of that." 

Howie Kurtz says the first debate represents Trump's best shot at passing the "commander in chief test," while there's not much for Hillary Clinton to prove.

"Trump has a chance here to pull a Reagan. If he comes in, he's reasonably serious, he doesn't call her 'Crooked Hillary,' speaks in complete sentences, he could beat the expectations game we all like to play."

Watch the segment above.

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