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The editorial page for one paper of record in Texas, which has endorsed every Republican nominee for president going back to then-Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater in 1964, said without exception that “Donald Trump is no Republican.”

The Dallas Morning News condemned Trump becoming the Grand Old Party’s new standard bearer, saying his “authoritarian streak…should horrify limited-government advocates” and supporters of individual liberty—a traditionally Republican crowd.

The editorial goes on to say the New York businessman is “not qualified to serve— and doesn’t deserve your vote.”

Texas has awarded its electors to the Republican nominee in every election since it sided with Jimmy Carter in 1976.

On Shepard Smith Reporting, Republican strategist Tony Sayegh said the editorial and a recent Washington Post survey labeling the traditionally-Republican Lone Star State a toss-up were likely outliers.

 “It doesn’t go along with any other polling in the state,” Sayegh told Bill Hemmer, mentioning recent polls by CBS and the left-leaning Public Policy Polling showing Trump winning Texas.

Democratic strategist Brad Gerstman disagreed, saying that from the “50,000-foot view” of the US, traditionally Republican states are trending blue because “rank and file Republicans are running from Donald Trump,” in line with the Dallas Morning News editorial.

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