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New polls show that Donald Trump is increasing his lead over Hillary Clinton with independent voters.

The latest CNN poll not only shows Trump leading Clinton by two percent with all voters, but by 20 percent among independents.

On "Fox and Friends" this morning, Laura Ingraham said that more and more Americans are refusing to affiliate with either party, so courting independent voters is more important than ever.

"The independent vote, I believe, has always been critical to Trump pulling this out in the end," Ingraham said. "And these latest numbers really indicate that the credibility issue coming off that email scandal."

"All the stuff we’re learning day by day about what she actually did – from smashing the Blackberries with the hammers, having other people do that, not knowing what 'classified' means or how to categorize it – these people aren’t buying it.”

Watch the "Fox and Friends" segment above, and share your reaction in the comments.

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