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In tonight's Talking Points, Bill O'Reilly weighed in on Donald Trump's "big gamble" - his tough stance on illegal immigration.

O'Reilly said that by going to Mexico last week, Trump signaled that he's willing to engage in diplomacy. But as soon as he got back to the U.S.A., he repeated his policy of being tough on illegal aliens.

"There was some nuance, but not much," O'Reilly said. This, he said, is where the "big gamble" comes in.

"The Republican ticket apparently believes there are many voters who are silently sick of permissive immigration policies in place for decades.

"Remember, if you are outspoken about enforcing immigration laws, the left will brand you a nativist, and perhaps a racist."

O'Reilly said that Trump is hoping that Americans are "fed up with anarchy" and a government that will not enforce immigration law, allowing "chaos to reign" and actual harm to come to Americans like Kate Steinle.

He said that Trump will have to "overwhelmingly win the white vote to have any chance at being president."

But a positive week might have helped him, and with narrowing polls and upcoming debates, he may have a fighting chance.

Watch the memo above.

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