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Fox News’ senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano reviewed documents released Friday by FBI Director Jim Comey regarding alleged destruction of evidence in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Judge Napolitano said on The Kelly File that the FBI “knew that [Clinton’s] servers were wiped clean, that BlackBerry [phones] were smashed, and that a laptop was ‘lost in the US mail.’”

“We learned this from the FBI,” he told Megyn Kelly.

“The FBI ought to have pursued Mrs. Clinton and the people around her for obstruction of justice. That is exceptionally distressing.”

"The case against her for failing to secure state secrets is overwhelming—the case against somebody, we don’t know who, for obstruction of justice is overwhelming,” Napolitano said, referencing a work order for the destruction of some of the emails.

Kelly noted that the so-called “document dumps” regarding the case have all happened on or around major federal holidays.


“The FBI has done nothing. Someone, somewhere—must’ve been the White House— has restrained the FBI from doing its job,” he said.

Napolitano also suggested that Clinton’s lawyers may have been involved in the alleged destruction and cover-up, “which adds another level of culpability.”

“Her lawyers told the DOJ she will not show up for an interview if you record it. It is policy of DOJ to record interviews.”

“I’m sure the average Joe could get that [kind of] exception,” Kelly remarked.

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