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In recent days, there have been fresh calls for another investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email practices.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, has asked federal prosecutors to investigate whether Clinton obstructed justice by deleting tens of thousands of emails.

“Shortly after Benghazi, we sent a letter [demanding Clinton’s State Department] preserve all your emails,” Chaffetz said On The Record with Brit Hume.

 “Hillary Clinton said she preserved these things,” Chaffetz said.

But, on March 25, 2015, according to Chaffetz, a conference call was held between Platte River Networks, the company managing Clinton’s server, and both Clinton’s lead attorney, David Kendall, and her counsel, Cheryl Mills.

“Less than a week later, there was a work order to have the emails destroyed,” he said.

“The committee continues to investigate [who ordered the erasure],” Chaffetz told Hume.

Contrasting his and South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy’s work on the Benghazi committee with that of legal maneuvers to uncover information, by groups like Judicial Watch, Chaffetz remarked, “The Clintons are afraid of the courts, but not so afraid of Congress.”

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