Newt Gingrich said that he predicts Donald Trump's poll numbers will improve while Hillary Clinton's worsen if he does two things: stick with the teleprompter, and continue to do things that are bold.

Gingrich said it was bold of Trump to go to Louisiana after the flooding while Clinton stayed in Long Island raising money; bold to take the Mexican president's invitation and to look equally presidential, while Clinton again stayed in Long Island; and bold to go to historically Democratic districts in Detroit and Youngstown, Ohio.

He criticized Hillary Clinton's convenient forgetfulness demonstrated during her FBI interrogation and how it will play into the debate.

"Think about this, if you're Donald Trump and you’re preparing for a debate and you’re going to face a person who cannot remember 46 times, and who lies routinely, how do you prepare to debate that? The moderator is going to ask her something and she’s going to say, 'well you know I don’t quite remember.' And she wants us to say she’s ready for the 2 o' clock in the morning phone call."

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