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A new Mason-Dixon poll has Hillary Clinton with a slight 2 percent lead over Donald Trump in Florida, at 44-42 percent.

Women, Democrats and Hispanic voters favor Clinton in the poll, while men, Republicans and non-Hispanic white people favor Trump in the poll, Brit Hume reported.

But, with the race so close, which presidential candidate has the best chance to turn up the heat in the Sunshine State?

“Florida’s always a nailbiter,” Tampa Bay Times reporter Adam Smith said Tuesday on On The Record with Brit Hume.

“It’s pretty much a toss-up here.”

Thirty percent of the vote will be non-white, “which was theoretically not good for Donald Trump, but it’s neck-and-neck,” he said.

Smith said advertisements have mainly been “anti-Trump”, and generally targeting the Tampa and Orlando area, along the key Interstate 4 corridor.

“Who[ever] wins Tampa Bay wins the state of Florida,” Smith said.

Smith also had some interesting comments on how Trump and former foe Sen. Marco Rubio may need each other to both reach victory.

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