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Billionaire investor Mark Cuban made a bold prediction on Cavuto, saying that a Trump win in November would tank the stock market.

"I have my Trump hedge on. In the event Donald wins, I have no doubt in my mind the market tanks."

Cuban said if it looks like there's a decent chance Trump will win, he'll put a more than 100 percent hedge on his equity and bond positions.

Cuban said that the "uncertainty" surrounding a Trump presidency would rock the markets.

"We don't know what Donald Trump's plans are. Right now all we know are a little bit about his immigration, which tends to change on a day to day basis, and we know he's going to reduce taxes significantly."

Cuban said that a major tax cut could result in major selling-off effect next year.

"The bottom line is, of all the things we can discuss, the one things the markets hate is uncertainty, and right now with Donald there's uncertainty."

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