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Responding to Hillary Clinton surrogate Mark Cuban’s comments critical of Republican nominee Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson explained why the “NeverTrump” movement—Republicans and Independents, including Cuban, who have vowed not to vote for the New York businessman—has developed.

Carson, a former pediatric neurosurgeon and presidential candidate, said Clinton represents somewhat of a status quo candidate—more predictable and “certain” policy-wise than the oft-off-script mogul.

“He articulates very well the concerns of the NeverTrump people, and the Republicans that don’t go his way, because they would much prefer certainty,” Carson told Neil Cavuto on Your World, “even if it’s certainty that’s enveloped in corruption.”

“That’s what Hillary Clinton represents for them,” Carson said.

“[NeverTrump voters] know what she’s going to do. They know she can be controlled and that she can be bought,” Carson said.

Cavuto asked Carson what Trump could do to allay their concerns about Trump as he and Clinton are polling within the ‘margin of error’ most recently.

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