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As the blockbuster franchise Star Trek celebrates its 50th Anniversary this week, thousands of Trekkies descended on the Big Apple to pay tribute to the milestone at Star Trek’s Mission New York convention.

Fox and Friends' resident Trekkie, Clayton Morris stopped by the event to sit down with actor William Shatner, better known as Captain James T. Kirk.

Morris asked Shatner whether he had a favorite episode.

“No,” Shatner said, “There were shows that had such brilliant ideas behind them…that they’re unforgettable.”

Shatner mentioned one episode he remembered well that dealt with race relations, as they could be understood in space.

Shatner was also asked about what Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry would think of his concept lasting for half a century.

“The fact that there’s still interest means there’s something that’s touching the audience’s psyche,” he said.

He also spoke glowingly of the late Leonard Nimoy, who he called his “dear friend.”

“He was the friend. That’s what Leonard meant to me,” Shatner said.

The Star Trek wall art for Clayton Morris' interview was provided by Quidd.

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