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Businessman and rapper Sean “P. Diddy” Combs said Sunday that the black community should “hold our vote” until either Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump makes marked inroads to earn their support.

“The black vote is going to decide who is the next president of the United States,” Combs said on MSNBC.

Combs said the black community was “shortchanged” under President Obama, but said the 44th president did an “excellent job,” considering the multiple issues at the forefront of American politics.

“It’s all about education and jobs and creating programs for [graduates] to have opportunities,” Combs said, mentioning a charter school in Harlem he credited for helping him along his path to success.

Combs held out on endorsing either candidate, but said he “hope[s] Mrs. Clinton just starts to directly talk to the black community.”

Until either candidate does, we should “hold our vote.”

“I don’t believe any of them,” he said.

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