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“We’re being left behind and we’re being pushed around,” Fox News National Security Analyst K.T. McFarland said Monday.

McFarland told Gregg Jarrett on America’s Newsroom that Barack Obama’s “leading from behind” strategy has allowed the United States to get “played” by Russia, Iran, North Korea and China on the world stage.

“They may be insignificant things like, the Chinese 'couldn’t find' a staircase to bring up to the plane when President Obama landed in China,” McFarland said.

“But, they could be more significant things, like the Russians basically telling the United States, look, if you’re in the way, we’re going to bomb you…we have no leverage to calm them down.”

“We’re deluding ourselves to think we’re players in the Middle East,” she said, describing the “mythical third course” the Obama administration is taking in the region, in addition to the Assad-Putin alliance and the ISIS terror group.

Obama has called for the toppling of the Assad regime in Syria, which has been friendly to Russia, while both are seeking to eradicate the Islamic State.

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