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Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee joined Happening Now to discuss which of the two major presidential candidates the working class will gravitate toward.

“The assumption is the labor vote will go to the Democrats,” host Jon Scott said.

Asked whether voters in heavily-unionized states like Ohio and Pennsylvania could suddenly trend toward the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, Huckabee said:

“I think so…if the union members start looking at what’s best for them—and what do union members care about? Jobs.”

“But with Hillary’s focus on advancing immigration, higher taxes, enhanced regulatory environment… and trade agreements, how can unions possibly trust their future to a person…who has probably not created one private sector job in her life?”

Regarding the two candidates’ public availability, Huckabee criticized Clinton’s penchant for fundraising over holding public rallies.

“Donald Trump goes to a black church and Hillary hides out in the black hole of fundraisers.”

“Hillary didn’t get [the $55 million she raised] by going to barbecue joints and passing a cowboy hat and [saying] ‘chip in something.’”

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